It was another beautiful weekend filled with praying, worshipping, proclaiming the good news of Jesus and seeing the wonder-working power of His name move in the lives of His daughters. The women’s retreat was full of tears, laughter, breakthroughs, and healing. Driving home, I reminisced on all that God had done; rejoicing in praise. IContinue reading “Rejection”


The sky was getting dark as we packed up our hotdog sticks, marshmallow bags and evidence of a good firepit evening with my little family. I enjoyed every part of our sitting on logs roasting good things and having great conversation, while in the back of my mind I was thinking, tomorrow is the boy’sContinue reading “Time”

Another Year Older

This week I look at my growing boys and celebrate another year older for them both. Is it truly celebration, or a bittersweet awareness that in eight years George will be 18 and off on a new adventure as an adult, with Oliver not too far behind? I think about a commercial I saw aContinue reading “Another Year Older”

Which Will Guard Your Hearts and Minds

I had an unsettling dream a few nights ago. I have faux Olive branches on my entryway table and in my dream, the leaves of my Olive branches were slowly turning to embers and soon the entire branch was surrounded by a slow flame that eventually burned all branches. I am not a dream interpreterContinue reading “Which Will Guard Your Hearts and Minds”

What Was That?

During a retreat as we were worshipping, the presence of the Lord was evident and beautiful. During that time, I had given a prophetic word to a young lady that resulted in tears and awe of how great and amazing our God truly is. Later that afternoon, I was sitting alone gathering my thoughts andContinue reading “What Was That?”

Thank You and Praise

As we open our eyes in the early hours of the morning, staying in bed can somedays seem like a better option. As we think about the chaos that has encompassed our world in the last few days and years, we can feel not only overwhelmed, but find fear and uneasiness more familiar. We canContinue reading “Thank You and Praise”


Today is Valentine’s Day. The complex, intricate, vast, multiple-definition, four letter word, L-O-V-E is celebrated today.  Love has been incredibly overcomplicated through the years, and I don’t know about you, but I see the definition of love constantly changing it’s rules, and it’s value. I see pride and selfish ambition overtaking this four-letter word andContinue reading “L-O-V-E”

Fishers of Men

I have been familiar with this man at sea since I was a little girl. He hung on our living room wall for years and just recently, my son George asked his Jaja if he could have it. Now, the familiar man at sea hangs on our wall. While teaching the boys homeschool, I foundContinue reading “Fishers of Men”

My Basement

This last September our family moved from Idaho, back to our roots in Montana. We prayed for the perfect home for our family in a tough market. Other people prayed for this home as well and even gave prophetic words over it. When it came on the market, we were drawn to it and knewContinue reading “My Basement”

A Merry Little Christmas Now

Sitting by the nice warm fire, everyone in bed, it’s quiet and the snow is gently falling outside. I finally get out my laptop and write another Monday blog post, but tonight is different. I do not hear a clear word from the Lord, I have no “ah-ha” moments, or analogies, I just have aContinue reading “A Merry Little Christmas Now”