We’re Going on an Adventure

It was one of those weekends where my cup had been filled to overflowing. Driving home from my stay in Coeur d’Alene, the rivers were brimming with melted snow finally being released from their home on the mountains. It was a good image of overflowing abundance, the way I felt after being with dear friendsContinue reading “We’re Going on an Adventure”

The Altar

I did not fully understand the words, holy matrimony, until the day I walked up the stairs of the altar, and grabbed my husband’s hands and said the words, “I do.” It was one of the most holy, special days of my life. It was the day I made a covenant with my husband, beforeContinue reading “The Altar”

My Basement

This last September our family moved from Idaho, back to our roots in Montana. We prayed for the perfect home for our family in a tough market. Other people prayed for this home as well and even gave prophetic words over it. When it came on the market, we were drawn to it and knewContinue reading “My Basement”