A New Season

Spring is in full swing. After the long winter, finally the sunshine wrapped us with its warmth, melting the frozen ground, and awakening the new season. The sweet family of swallows found the way back to their little home at the end of our deck. In just two weeks’ time, the ground that was onceContinue reading “A New Season”

The Choice

When I have been asked, mostly by my children, what superpower I would want if I could just pick one, my first response tends to be, “to see my future,” followed by the more rational choice where I then say, “to fly!” If I knew what was ahead of me, I would know how toContinue reading “The Choice”

Way Maker

Her beautiful brown eyes looked down at the concrete floor as we neared her, glancing at mine, then shyly gazed back down again. Her hands folded in front of her while she slightly swayed back and forth. I asked, “How can we pray for you?” “Como Podemos orar por ti?” Vilma interpreted. “Mi familia,” sheContinue reading “Way Maker”

What About The Angels?

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14 I will never forget the evening I experienced the power and presence of the Lord releasing His heavenly host- His angel armies to fight and bring comfort. While ministering at a women’s retreat, there was one sweet lady whoContinue reading “What About The Angels?”


And just like that, Christmas is over…. Wrapping paper may still be gracing parts of the floor, tummies may be full of cookies, candy canes, and a generous amount of Christmas dinner, as we wake up and say, “now what?” A beautiful pause in the moment between Christmas and New Year’s is always a welcomedContinue reading “Intermission”

Christmas Presence

“I just want to make one more stop,” I told my best friend as we walked into the little shop in our outdated mall. Our purses hung over our shoulders, and our hair was curled; just two teenage girls pretending to be adults as we did our last-minute Christmas shopping just a short week beforeContinue reading “Christmas Presence”

Old Things and New Things

How often do we identify ourselves through the lens of our past, through words spoken over us, or through lies the enemy whispers? We can get stuck looking behind us in a backwards cycle, trying to re-live moments, trying to see it through different angles, only to see the same thing again and again… ButContinue reading “Old Things and New Things”

Lifting Holy Hands

We have all been through the mountain top experiences to the low valleys and everywhere in between. It’s safe to say, that we are not going to get through this world without the ups and the downs, but today, I want to address the downs. I have felt a heaviness in my heart for peopleContinue reading “Lifting Holy Hands”

No Other Name

I placed the wedding card on the conveyor belt at the store. When the lady grabbed the card to scan it, suddenly a $50 dollar bill fell onto the scanner. We both looked at each other with big eyes as she said, “is this yours?” I told her I had no idea where it cameContinue reading “No Other Name”

Double Portion

As we were doing math at the dining room table, I noticed Oliver was struggling with His subtraction. I grabbed a handful of mini marshmallows out of the pantry and gave him a yummy option to help him see the numbers a little more clearly. It wasn’t before long I heard, “mom, George is eatingContinue reading “Double Portion”