And just like that, Christmas is over…. Wrapping paper may still be gracing parts of the floor, tummies may be full of cookies, candy canes, and a generous amount of Christmas dinner, as we wake up and say, “now what?” A beautiful pause in the moment between Christmas and New Year’s is always a welcomed fresh breath. It feels like a long intermission after a glorious performance of lights, awe and wonder, waiting for the next glorious scene.

A week to be still and know.  A week to take a deep inhale only to exhale new ideas, new dreams, new hopes, new visions, and a deepening relationship with Christ. In the stillness, we ask God to reveal to us His plan, His will, and His way, asking God to help us align our plans to His. What dream is in your heart for this new year? Do you know that God places dreams in our hearts, like a tiny seed? And as we yield to Him and trust His plan, the seed grows. Some grow fast and some need more time, but if the planted dream, given by God, is nurtured by nearness to Him, tuning into His voice, the seed does grow, it WILL grow, and this is the season where you, my friend, can dream again.

I believe that there has been fear holding some of you back from the something, the calling, the dream, and in response to the fear I hear the still small voice, “yes you can.” As we have felt and seen heaviness in the past few years, I believe that God reminds us in His unwavering faithfulness, that dreams have still been planted, whispers have still been said, and it’s time to pick up your shovel and dig. Dreams can often stay tucked inside waiting for it to be easy and effortless. Our easy-button dreams can keep us stuck, as we wait for God to do it all, but….

God has given us His Holy Spirit to guide us, two hands, two feet, a voice and a message of hope that a hurting world so desperately needs…now. This is a digging season, and I see a beautiful picture from God of His believers digging deep holes searching for the treasure, His people. But as we dig, we get sweaty, tired and a little worn. The digging might not be easy, but the product of the dig is well worth the effort. Eternal life, hope, promise. What are we willing to do for the Kingdom of God and that one person? As we dig deep, God will light the path in the dark for us to see the brilliant glimmer of the beautiful people that need His great touch. I see God using all the gifts of His Spirit to bring glory to His name and draw all men unto Him. 

What seed has God planted in your heart? What dream is He awakening in your soul? In this special week of intermission, pray and seek God as to what this new season holds in store for you. God is calling us to bigger things. He is calling us to look toward Heaven and be about our Father’s business. Use the talents, use the gifts, and let God activate the growth of that special dream He planted in you. If it’s been dormant for years, it’s not too late, or if it’s something new, don’t hold back in fear. Now is the season, now is the time, let us rise up and be a people that dig deep, do the work, and reap a harvest of great treasure, all for the glory of God.  


Published by Emily Rodewald

Emily is a writer and worship leader. She has written several worship songs, she is a co-author or two children's books and has begun writing about the light of Jesus in her blog at She is a co-founder of Parallel Ministries and a mom of two boys, George and Oliver. She has been married for 13 years to the man of her dreams, Daniel. She and her family live in beautiful Montana where they enjoy taking the boys fishing, going on adventures, and renovating their new home.

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