The Warning

While scrolling through “suggested videos” on YouTube, I’m noticing more and more titles of Christians making videos about other Christian leaders, people, movies, and worship music. They’re not encouraging these people’s efforts but criticizing them. Their click-bait includes titles that are inviting and intriguing, enticing you to divulge in their video. I’ve watched a fewContinue reading “The Warning”

No Other Name

I placed the wedding card on the conveyor belt at the store. When the lady grabbed the card to scan it, suddenly a $50 dollar bill fell onto the scanner. We both looked at each other with big eyes as she said, “is this yours?” I told her I had no idea where it cameContinue reading “No Other Name”

The Harvest

These last few weeks have been busied getting ready for the winter season. The warm sun has given us extra time to reap the fruits of our labor in the garden, chop the wood, and finish the extra renovating projects left to do on the house. We took a quick jaunt to visit Jaja andContinue reading “The Harvest”

Whom God Loves

How is your heart today? How is your family, your home, your health, your finances, and your relationships? How did you sleep last night? Did you lay there worrying about the next day to come? Is something on your mind? Do you want to talk about it?   -God As I was typing these words, howContinue reading “Whom God Loves”

Tis’ So Sweet

Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus, was the song we sang as we closed out the Sunday service. I repeated the lyrics to myself as I sat on the plane, flying home from Oklahoma. When we trust Jesus to do what only He can do, He always shows up and exceeds our expectation. PastorContinue reading “Tis’ So Sweet”

The Rock

Have you noticed that when people walk along the beach, they rarely walk in the loose, dry sand? Most often they choose the sand that is close to the water that is packed down, hardened and easier to walk on. I believe we are seeing many walking on sand that seems solid but fail toContinue reading “The Rock”

Habits and Pot Roasts

After a recent visit to Idaho, a friend of mine introduced me to Nancy, a godly woman who has been in ministry for over 30 years. We instantly began talking, and within minutes she was pouring her knowledge and wisdom into me of all that she had learned over the last several years. She saidContinue reading “Habits and Pot Roasts”

Come Close

I reached out and held His hand, as I felt His nearness sitting in my car outside my home. Crying and asking for deeper, for more of Him. I felt His love say that’s not close enough, and He let go of my hand and picked me up as I laid my head on HisContinue reading “Come Close”

The Greatest In The Kingdom of Heaven

Last weekend, while visiting my brother-in-law and his sweet family, we decided to have an afternoon swim in their neighborhood pool. The kids were slopped with sunscreen, googles on, and could not get in the pool fast enough. They were jumping in and swimming around within minutes of us arriving. I, however, took my timeContinue reading “The Greatest In The Kingdom of Heaven”

As Great as a Mustard Seed

A mustard seed is as small as a freckle on my hand, yet it can grow into a tall tree or a big leafy plant that can reach six feet tall, towering over the smaller plants in the garden.  The book of Matthew tells us if our faith is as big as a tiny mustard seed,Continue reading “As Great as a Mustard Seed”