A Faithful Step

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7 A little over a year ago, I wrote a note to myself, my steps are ordered by the Lord. I was laying in my bed writing these words after calling off a mission trip to Honduras because of another miscarriage. I was laying there withContinue reading “A Faithful Step”

The Warning

While scrolling through “suggested videos” on YouTube, I’m noticing more and more titles of Christians making videos about other Christian leaders, people, movies, and worship music. They’re not encouraging these people’s efforts but criticizing them. Their click-bait includes titles that are inviting and intriguing, enticing you to divulge in their video. I’ve watched a fewContinue reading “The Warning”


As I was putting the dishes away, a small, dark object on the wall caught my attention. I dried my hands and decided to assess the situation. As I moved closer, I noticed it was a small spider making his home underneath my kitchen cabinets. I quickly grabbed a paper towel, closed my eyes, andContinue reading “Dikaiōsis”


There is something in the air, do you feel it? Year after year, this week hits me with wonder, awe, and an utter and humble reality of my sin. This is a time when pressing in doesn’t feel like an obligation, but a response to who God really is. This week we celebrate and reflect onContinue reading “Overwhelmed”


The sky was getting dark as we packed up our hotdog sticks, marshmallow bags and evidence of a good firepit evening with my little family. I enjoyed every part of our sitting on logs roasting good things and having great conversation, while in the back of my mind I was thinking, tomorrow is the boy’sContinue reading “Time”

Fishers of Men

I have been familiar with this man at sea since I was a little girl. He hung on our living room wall for years and just recently, my son George asked his Jaja if he could have it. Now, the familiar man at sea hangs on our wall. While teaching the boys homeschool, I foundContinue reading “Fishers of Men”