Same God

“I’m calling on the God of Mary, whose favor rests upon the lowly I know with You all things are possible.” Those lyrics echoed through the sanctuary of our church this Sunday, as voices were declaring that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I’ve been singing this song for a few months now,Continue reading “Same God”

Hope Deferred, But Not Gone

 A week ago, I was so looking forward to this Monday’s post. I could not wait to tell all my readers that this was the day I would be flying to Honduras to minister in schools, to worship, speak, and fulfill a prophetic word given to me in January of 2020. I was so excitedContinue reading “Hope Deferred, But Not Gone”

A Merry Little Christmas Now

Sitting by the nice warm fire, everyone in bed, it’s quiet and the snow is gently falling outside. I finally get out my laptop and write another Monday blog post, but tonight is different. I do not hear a clear word from the Lord, I have no “ah-ha” moments, or analogies, I just have aContinue reading “A Merry Little Christmas Now”