I Doubt It

If there is anything I wrestle with, doubt is one of the more constant battles. I doubt what I hear God saying, I doubt what He asks me to do and sometimes I doubt myself, whether I can truly do the things God calls me to. This week, I found myself sitting in my cozyContinue reading “I Doubt It”

A Sensitive Subject

While driving home, I heard the pastor on the radio say with a slow yet unyielding voice, “we must be sensitive to the Spirit of God.” I have heard this phrase before but the word, sensitive seems to deepen an understanding of how to be led. The dictionary defines the word sensitive as, “quick toContinue reading “A Sensitive Subject”

Letter of Recommendation

When I was a music teacher, I had student teachers, observers, and classroom helpers that would ask me to write a letter of recommendation for their upcoming opportunities in the teaching world. Before writing, I would think of that person’s good qualities, achievements, and characteristics. I always tried to be honest, extremely optimistic, and mostContinue reading “Letter of Recommendation”

What Was That?

During a retreat as we were worshipping, the presence of the Lord was evident and beautiful. During that time, I had given a prophetic word to a young lady that resulted in tears and awe of how great and amazing our God truly is. Later that afternoon, I was sitting alone gathering my thoughts andContinue reading “What Was That?”