In All Honesty

When I was a little girl, I remember looking out my parents’ bedroom window at a bright star in the sky and prayed, “please God, help me tell the truth.” I remember this prayer, as I was quite the imaginative girl, who liked to exaggerate the truth and make up stories that sounded better inContinue reading “In All Honesty”

In Obediance

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9 Yesterday afternoon I worked on the blog post for today. I wrestled with it, I overthought it, and I rushed something that shouldn’t be rushed, all for the sake of, getting it done. By 9:00 in the evening, I was inContinue reading “In Obediance”

We Are Family

The boys and I ventured on the water, testing our new paddleboards for the first time. The sun was hot, the water was calm, a few too many mosquitos, but overall, it was a perfect day for a float. The boys went ahead of me paddling and taking turns jumping into the water, as IContinue reading “We Are Family”


It’s been 37 years today. 37 years of happiness, sadness, memories, making mistakes, and making good things. 37 years of offending people and letting them down, and making people smile and lifting them up. 37 years of breathing in and out and finding hope in any hopeless situation. Today, I do not feel any differentContinue reading “37”


Sitting in the cool of the Florida evening, I think about the last four days and my heart is full. I watched my boys laugh, show faces of excitement I haven’t seen before, and hug me for no reason at all expect plain old happiness and love. My mother, my friend, my special mama treatedContinue reading “Mama”


Last Sunday before entering Holy Week, I felt lead to take a break from our regular curriculum with the boys homeschool, and focus on the Lord.  When George was entering Kindergarten, I had enrolled him in public school, and a few weeks leading up to the first day, I had a nudge that I wasContinue reading “Seeds”

Seek Ye First

Today I ponder one question, what am I seeking? To seek is simply an attempt to find and obtain something.  As a people watcher, it is quite clear that we are a busy people constantly seeking things, people, positions, approval, love, attention and so many other objects of this world. Anxiety is at an all-time highContinue reading “Seek Ye First”

Look to Him

There is something special that your child does when they expand their horizons and try new things. Whether it is taking their first few steps across the floor and into your arms as they giggle with joy. That first moment you ask them to pick out apples at the grocery store, and as they sneakContinue reading “Look to Him”