Same God

“I’m calling on the God of Mary, whose favor rests upon the lowly I know with You all things are possible.” Those lyrics echoed through the sanctuary of our church this Sunday, as voices were declaring that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I’ve been singing this song for a few months now,Continue reading “Same God”

Christmas Presence

“I just want to make one more stop,” I told my best friend as we walked into the little shop in our outdated mall. Our purses hung over our shoulders, and our hair was curled; just two teenage girls pretending to be adults as we did our last-minute Christmas shopping just a short week beforeContinue reading “Christmas Presence”

Old Things and New Things

How often do we identify ourselves through the lens of our past, through words spoken over us, or through lies the enemy whispers? We can get stuck looking behind us in a backwards cycle, trying to re-live moments, trying to see it through different angles, only to see the same thing again and again… ButContinue reading “Old Things and New Things”

A Posture of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, what better idea than to remind ourselves how to take a posture of gratitude, and think of all the sweet things we are thankful for, right? I believe last year at Thanksgiving, that is exactly what I wrote about, but this year, I felt the Lord inspire me to dive aContinue reading “A Posture of Gratitude”

A Sensitive Subject

While driving home, I heard the pastor on the radio say with a slow yet unyielding voice, “we must be sensitive to the Spirit of God.” I have heard this phrase before but the word, sensitive seems to deepen an understanding of how to be led. The dictionary defines the word sensitive as, “quick toContinue reading “A Sensitive Subject”

No Other Name

I placed the wedding card on the conveyor belt at the store. When the lady grabbed the card to scan it, suddenly a $50 dollar bill fell onto the scanner. We both looked at each other with big eyes as she said, “is this yours?” I told her I had no idea where it cameContinue reading “No Other Name”

Double Portion

As we were doing math at the dining room table, I noticed Oliver was struggling with His subtraction. I grabbed a handful of mini marshmallows out of the pantry and gave him a yummy option to help him see the numbers a little more clearly. It wasn’t before long I heard, “mom, George is eatingContinue reading “Double Portion”

Whom God Loves

How is your heart today? How is your family, your home, your health, your finances, and your relationships? How did you sleep last night? Did you lay there worrying about the next day to come? Is something on your mind? Do you want to talk about it?   -God As I was typing these words, howContinue reading “Whom God Loves”

Tis’ So Sweet

Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus, was the song we sang as we closed out the Sunday service. I repeated the lyrics to myself as I sat on the plane, flying home from Oklahoma. When we trust Jesus to do what only He can do, He always shows up and exceeds our expectation. PastorContinue reading “Tis’ So Sweet”

Habits and Pot Roasts

After a recent visit to Idaho, a friend of mine introduced me to Nancy, a godly woman who has been in ministry for over 30 years. We instantly began talking, and within minutes she was pouring her knowledge and wisdom into me of all that she had learned over the last several years. She saidContinue reading “Habits and Pot Roasts”