A Small Victory

From them will proceed thanksgiving And the voice of those who celebrate; And I will multiply them and they will not be diminished; I will also honor them and they will not be insignificant. Jeremiah 30:19

Today, I enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise for the good things that God has done. Looking back at 2021, I am amazed at the doors God has opened, thankful for the re-set of our family, and celebrating the fruit of His faithfulness. One of the greatest lessons I learned this last year is how to keep doing what it is God is asking you to do, despite the circumstances. I learned that no matter what things look like all around us, no matter how many likes there is on Instagram or Facebook, no matter the inconvenience of another post, no matter the weight ministry may carry, there is great fruit in the yes and the perseverance. This week marks one year since I started writing a blog every Monday. For someone like me, a distracted dreamer, only God can inspire me not to miss a Monday, and to keep going no matter the situation. I wrote blogs in airports, and while staying with friends or families during a crazy move. I wrote in unexpected hotel stays because of flight cancelations, and the list goes on. It has been quite a year of learning to stay consistent and learning to find joy in what it is that God calls us to. 

When I started this journey a year ago. The first few weeks I would nervously check my webpage and see I had only a few readers and defeat would sweep through me, “maybe I heard wrong, God, no one is going to read this!” I felt nervous, vulnerable, and questioned my writing every Monday. I knew that God gave me a desire to reach people and tell them that there is hope, and life and goodness and His name is JESUS, but I was distracted by my own insecurities. Then, like only Jesus can do, He spoke to my heart and said, “what about the one that I would go after?” Instead of looking at numbers and relying on my own strength God realigned my vision and heart and writing became a new joy for me. I decided that if one person a week would be encouraged, challenged to seek God, stirred to move mountains in Jesus name, tell others about Him and even better, give their life to Him forever, then one blog post every Monday would be worth it all. My heart was set on the one, and I knew that my only job was to spread a little light in the darkness, and He would do the rest.

When my heart sought for one, that is when Jesus began to multiply. I am in absolute awe that after a year of writing every Monday, God has expanded the words to over 35 countries, and readers continue to read and grow. The thing is, with growth the one is still important to me, and will always be. Don’t worry, even though it has been a year, I am not done yet! I will keep writing on Mondays. I’ve added a prayer page so I can join with you in prayer and there is more fun things to come this year. Thank you for reading and thank you for your encouragement along the way. 

Today, I celebrate the small victory of perseverance and God’s unfailing goodness. Let us all reflect on this last year and find one thing that we can celebrate, one thing that we can rejoice in. Turn up your worship music today and let your home be a place filled with worship as you look back at all that He has done and rejoice, again I say REJOICE!!    

Published by Emily Rodewald

Emily is a writer and worship leader. She has written several worship songs, she is a co-author or two children's books and has begun writing about the light of Jesus in her blog at www.emilyrodewald.com. She is a co-founder of Parallel Ministries and a mom of two boys, George and Oliver. She has been married for 13 years to the man of her dreams, Daniel. She and her family live in beautiful Montana where they enjoy taking the boys fishing, going on adventures, and renovating their new home.

3 thoughts on “A Small Victory

  1. Oh my Miss Emmy!! 💕🎉Today I celebrate the writing of this post and the Heart God has given to you! I have always admired the Simplicity of how you Love Jesus! 🙏🏻A Goal we should all seek to have in this lifetime! Help us Jesus to Love.. to Live.. to Walk in Obedience to you .. to go after the one!


  2. Emmy. First time I have ever read a blog. You have been an inspiration to me since we met in 2014 at your mom and dads. I am going to forward this hoping that all my family will be caught up in your inspiration and Jesus will talk to them and inspire them through your words. Thank you for hanging in there. Luvin from New Mexico for you and your wonderful family. God has blessed me with family like you.


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